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At Reflexive Business Coaching its all about your needs – what is it you believe training can do for you, you may be surprised if we challenge your thoughts.

Having sat through many, many high-level training sessions delivered by some of the largest training organisations in the world I can tell you that off the shelf ‘courses’ aren’t always the answer.  I’ve seen many courses delivered by different organisations that are fundamentally the same but just have different labels, colours and pictures and they try their hardest to make them super complex with tools and acronyms and so on, just to justify the extravagant charges.

At Reflexive it’s all about people.

Selling is about people, whether it’s the sales people or the prospect/customer/client people – its people!  The old-style selling is dead and the old style of sales training is also dead, thank goodness and believe me, in the early days of my sales career I was trained this way – ask me about it when we speak, I’ll be glad to share.

Buyers have evolved the way they buy, let’s test this – you want to buy a new television, where do you turn to first? – yep, the Internet.  Buyers now do the same, these days they don’t even require to see a sales person, they can buy most things there and then on line.  So, here in lies the quandary, what is happening to the sales process and will sales people still be needed in the future?

Yes is the answer, but the fact is, the next generation of buyers (and some current) will be so used to researching and buying on line that the whole sales, marketing and buying process will be turned on its head.  With advances in AI (Artificial Intelligence) buying and selling is evolving.  New modern ways of connecting are the latest way to reach out to buyers and it will be those that adapt early that will survive.  Becoming an ‘A’ grade sales professional will be critical.

Gone are the ‘old skool’ ways of selling. 

If you’re sourcing modern sales training for your team and hear words like – hunting, farming, gate-keeper and closing techniques, etc, run a mile.  Buyers are far more ‘savvy’ and aware of ‘selling techniques’, ways to push them into a corner to get them to ‘sign’ than ever before.  Companies now need to engage with the modern buyer and start to migrate their sales practices towards an ‘attract’ instead of ‘push’ style of reaching out and gaining new clients.

Two things to consider when sourcing training:

  • Modern ways of reaching potential buyers
  • Company and personal branding

So, from Introduction to Selling to Advanced Selling Techniques or Account Management Training there’s a modern method waiting for you.  If you would like it to be tailor made to your products and services, that can be done too.

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Current Course Titles:

Course  Who should attend
Introduction to the Selling Arena Employees new to sales
Advanced Sales Techniques Existing Sales People that have never had formal sales training
Sales Management New Sales Managers
Leadership in Action Senior Managers / Executives
Account Management Training New Account Managers/Directors
LinkedIn for Business Development Sales & Marketing Teams
The Modern Buying & Selling Cycles Existing Sales Teams that haven’t had formal Sales Training

More being added

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