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Sales Recruitment Assistance

Recruitment in General isn’t cheap, as we know.  Recruiting high performing sales people can be like navigating a minefield – if you have no or little experience recruiting a sales person what questions do you ask? How do you know they are telling the truth? How do you know that they will perform if they join your organisation? and many more questions like this.

It’s a fact that the current average tenure for a sales person is currently around 16 months!  There are a number of factors that contribute to this, such as, poor recruitment skills, recruiting the wrong person, selling the job, not delivering what was promised, little or no support post recruitment, no development, bad management practices, personalities, poor or no business values, poor customer service, ridiculous targets, poor pay plan, poor marketing, the list goes on.

Consider the costs…

Such as – time value during recruitment, fees (if any), sales kit and equipment, car or allowance, sales lost whilst patch is empty, notice period before joining, training, no sales whilst training, 3-6 months to get up and running, etc – expensive.  If it all goes wrong within the first 12 – 15 months it could end up costing you dearly and then you may have to do it all over again!!

If you have a sales team or are planning to build a sales team, you need to make sure you are delivering on your side of the deal first.  Take a look a the list above and see how many of those elements you do well and how many you know you aren’t so good at.

Be aware, buyers have changed the way they buy and it continues to evolve.  Going are the ‘old skool’ ways of hunting for customers, getting past the gate-keeper, selling techniques, closing techniques etc, etc (see our Training Page for more insight) – this is why the old classroom style training of sales people is also dying – it doesn’t work.    Therefore, you need to ensure you are looking for the right skills for the modern buyer.

A modern approach to sales recruitment.

Today, you need to have a modern approach to sales recruitment and therefore you need to be armed with questions that ensure you are looking for the right skills and it has nothing to do with age, don’t be fooled.  You also need to make sure you have the right support, don’t sell the job and have a great on-boarding process.

Although Reflexive Business Coaching is not a recruitment company, helping you prior to and through the recruitment process is something that can definitely assist you to limit your risk.  You will have on-site support all the way from writing a vacancy specification, filtering applicant’s, conducting interviews and making offers, if required.  Additionally, there’s an option for a coaching plan once the new employee starts with the company to ensure they are supported, have agreed objectives and are performing in the expected way.  This service is available as a support to existing managers and business owners.

Ask yourself, do good salespeople want to come and work for your company or are your sales people looking out the window at your competitors waiting for a slot to open?

Don’t leave sales recruitment to chance, it’s expensive.  Although all recruitment comes with risk you can minimise that risk significantly – let us help you.

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