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Lead Generation Strategy

Does your organisation still send out ‘mail blasts’ to anyone on a list? Are you still having employees sitting on phones making 50 or so outbound calls per day? Are you still sending out e-shots, again, to anyone on a list, or even worse, to old lists?

You need to evaluate your lead generation process! Buyers no longer want to be disturbed, hunted or bombarded with printed leaflets and unsolicited phone calls.

Those days are rapidly coming to an end – do yourself a favour, if you have an outbound calling team, go and find out how many calls it takes, on average, for them to get through to a buyer, someone that makes the decision. Then find out how many of those turn into an appointment for your field sales team and then find out how many of them turn into sales and then find out the cost of all of that and finally work out the margin per sale or even the payback point if you sell a subscription service – I recommend you do it sitting down. The effort rarely meets the reward.

Quality leads come from a quality audience!

The buying process is evolving and you must evolve with it.  Lead generation is also evolving, rapidly – ask yourself a question, Do I really know my customer?  Many companies are beginning to realise how buyers are changing their behaviour, let me demonstrate, in the past the only way a buyer could place a new business order was if a salesman came to their office and completed a sales order form and it was also the only way they could find out what’s new on the market, upgrade information, get product questions answered or get a demonstration – do you see where this is going?

Now a buyer will find his own more trusted information, they will research multiple suppliers in a short space of time, on line, rather than have multiple appointments where all sales people say ‘mine’s the best’, ‘we’re the best’, etc. They will look at customer reviews and industry reviews, they, in some cases, can have a detailed look at products on line, they join forums, etc, etc. In many cases, the buyer is more informed than the representative from the supplier! Some companies claim that the sales person or representative keeps the client through relationship – I would say to them, trying putting your prices up and see how many go looking for a cheaper alternative – on the internet, that will answer the relationship question.

Lead generation is evolving, buying is evolving.

Is your marketing process evolving?

There are a number of things that you must start to think about for your future lead generation investment – please get in touch, we want to help!

This is not a training course, it’s a consultation designed to stimulate thought about the future of your marketing investment.  Aimed at SME businesses that don’t have a marketing team or no marketing resource.

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