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All the top performing athletes you can think of all have long term coaches, but did you know, most successful business people and business owners also have coaches and not just the corporate’s – so why do many business owners ignore this invaluable resource?

It could be for many reasons, some see coaching as something needed when a business is failing or falling behind or lost its way and this can be true, besides, who else would you want by your side in challenging times other than someone with extensive commercial experience who can be objective and not emotionally attached.

Yet others see coaching as accessing a source of experience, knowledge and skill that they don’t have and using it to enhance the performance and development of the people and the business, increasing the chances of continued success – oh, and it can’t be cost, as a business coach can unlock potential quicker, that can lead to exponential business growth.

What do we do?

First, we will seek to understand – why are we having the conversation. The first meeting will be an exploratory session, off-site if possible, this lays the foundation for what we will go on to achieve together. After gaining a clear understanding of what it is you want and the challenges you are facing, we will be able to formulate a clear strategy that points you (us) towards your desired outcomes. This session is not only about what you want to achieve for the business but also about where you personally are in the journey. Sometimes, in order for the business to grow, the leader(s) also needs to expand skills and capabilities, otherwise growth won’t be sustainable.

“Don’t mistake movement for achievement!”

From there we are able to gain clarity of the goal(s) and then map out what the journey looks like – then the work begins. At this point it needs to be clear, that you are then accountable for achieving what we set out to do. The journey will take you from a current state to your desired state and that journey may change and adapt, but the focus will always remain on the end game. We will then agree a regular meeting frequency which will be diarised, these sessions will be all about reviewing progress to ensure consistent alignment to the desired outcome. The first session can take up to half a day and the subsequent sessions will be between 1 – 2 hours per session (longer if required). In between, we will be available to you for supportive telephone calls should they be needed.

It won’t be a sprint and we will be there with you every step of the way.  You also don’t have to take the advice, you are always in control and should you wish to abort the journey or suspend it at any time, that’s also up to you.

So, I would ask you one question – Do you feel like you are winning? – if you hesitate or reply ‘No’ – call us now, we want to help!

Lastly, coaching isn’t for everyone, if you’re unable to accept opinion, listen to critique or be accountable then you should not engage a coach. A coach isn’t there to do the job for you.

Footnote: Reflexive Business Coaching isn’t a franchise, so no restrictive terms & conditions, extortionate charges & rigid ‘tools’, etc. Just 25+ years of real life, front line experience to draw upon from within the commercial B2B environment.

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