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Business Hive

This has to be of interest to the owner of every growing business.

A monthly group meeting and a sanctuary where like-minded business owners and executives can feel comfortable that they are surrounded by equally capable business owners and executives that have faced or facing the same challenges in their business as they are. An environment where challenges can be shared, discussed, challenged and supported with a group of successful people with varied backgrounds in business and all levels of experience.

Access to The Business Hive is by invitation only and is limited to 10 participants per group.

How does it work:

  • First session is free to see if the Business Hive is right for you
  • No more than 10 members per group
  • No competitive attendees
  • A Reflexive Coach on site to facilitate and keep the session on track and add support
  • One afternoon per month commitment – minimum 6 months
  • Regular guest speakers on varied subjects based on a business topic
  • A one to one private coaching session at your business location per month per attendee from Reflexive Business Coaching

What will you get out of My Business Hive:

  • Direct advice from peers who have already walked the walk
  • Quality advice and views from other business owners that have or are facing the same or similar challenges
  • New ideas that could enhance your business skills that will benefit your business
  • A safe environment where you can trust and share challenges and expect impartial feedback
  • Direct feedback to your own ideas
  • Access to a potential whole new world of contacts that can assist with a varied range of business challenges that come recommended
  • Above all, teamwork, an opportunity to network and a sense of support from your peers in the team with an equal interest in successful outcomes.

Whilst many other business groups exist, Reflexive Business Coaching is not a franchise and therefore no extortionate charges.

Please get in touch to enquire about joining.

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